External User Access to CRM CTA Management System Policy

I acknowledge that all information to which I may have access to or learn about through my access to CRM CTA Management System (“CTA System) is strictly confidential and not to be communicated to anyone in any manner except as authorized by CTA System Policy, when so authorized it will be in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. I further acknowledge that information is not to be copied, altered, interfered with, destroyed or taken except upon authorization and in accordance with CTA System. I understand that compliance with confidentiality is a fundamental condition of my access privileges to CTA System.

By checking  each statement, I indicate that I have read, understood and agree to abide by the following:

 I acknowledge that my username and password is equivalent to my legal signature and is not to be shared with anyone. I will be held accountable for all activity performed under my access account. Upon loss or suspected disclosure of my password to another individual I will immediately inform Clinical Research Malaysia in writing to zaidi@clinicalresearch.my .  

Upon completion of access to CTA System I will ensure that I will not leave my workstation logged on to CTA System unattended unless locked.

I will treat all electronically stored data and printed documentation as strictly confidential.

I will only access data which relates directly to my job functions and use such information only for and to the extent required by the business purposes I am authorized to perform.

I will use my access privileges to CTA System in an ethical and professional manner, for the purpose of CTA System relate business and/or as authorized by policy.

I will not, by any methods, remove any data, information and/or software from CTA System without proper authorization from Clinical Research Malaysia (“CRM”).

In the event of a suspected or confirmed privacy or security breach, I will immediately inform CRM in writing to zaidi@clinicalresearch.my .

I understand that in order to protect data confidentiality and integrity of CTA System, Clinical Research Malaysia may conducts security audits, and that any misuse of my user IC and password, intentional or unintentional, violation of CTA System policy could subject me to disciplinary, legal and/or other actions by CRM as well as revocation of CTA System access.

I further acknowledge that I have read and understand the CTA System policy concerning my responsibilities regarding privacy and management of confidential information obtained during and throughout my access to CTA System and understand the co sequences for breach of this policy.